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Located at the base of Mt Kooroocheang in the rich Victorian Central Highlands just 10 minutes west of Daylesford, our family has been producing hay for sale for decades in the Smeaton district.

We produce;

  • Oaten hay
  • Oaten and clover hay
  • Ryegrass, clover and oaten hay
  • Clover hay and ryegrass
  • Clover hay.

Elsworth Family Farms is a small family business which aims to provide quality hay direct to the end user whether it is the cattle or sheep producer, the horse owner / trainer, or the dairy farmer.

Each year the paddocks are cultivated and prepared to have new crops of hay planted whether they are oaten or pasture to gain the maximum volume of hay for sale. Every year a rotation of lime and organic chook manure is applied to improve soil structure.

Along with Elsworth Family Farms, our family has also been manufacturing agricultural equipment since 1996. Fabricating V and Inline hayrakes and trailing feeders for round and square bales. This has provided us with further insight and expertise in the hay industry as we try to provide quality hay for sale for the end user.

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